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The Hertfordshire Scouts Glider is currently not operating and therefore we are not taking bookings at present. We hope to be operating again soon, please check back regularly. We thank you for your understanding.


Based at Cambridge Gliding Club, Hertfordshire Scouts Air Activities offer two different types of visits to provide fun and interactive sessions for all sections.

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Airfield Visits - Beavers and Cubs

Air Experience Days - Scouts

One weekend per month the Air Activities Team run the Air Activity Stage Badge for Cubs and Beavers. Beavers cover Stage 1 requirements and cubs Stage 2.

Sessions run twice a day 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00 with a maximum of 10 Beavers or Cubs per session. During the session they will cover all of the staged badge requirements and also get the opportunity to sit in aircrafts and gliders, do some modelling and find out about what it is like to fly from pilots from the Club.

Air experience days are available of groups of up to 10 people per day. 

Flights will take place in the Falke Motor glider with an instructor. Scouts will have the opportunity to handle the controls during their 20minute flight.

Stage Activity badge requirements can also be covered on the day with resources available for prior learning to cover all requirements.


How to make a booking

Please complete the form below to make a provisional booking enquiry. After checking availability, we will send you a booking summary and booking form for you to check and sign before returning back to us with a 25% deposit within 14 days.